Commercial Property Inspections Cleveland Ohio

We are experienced commercial property inspectors in and around the Cleveland Ohio area. For residential properties, multi family housing with at least 5 rentable units would be considered commercial.

We have inspected up to 82 unit apartment buildings and have inspected many buildings in between. We have two price levels for such buildings – one where we enter all accessible units, and one where we only inspect the common areas including the foundation, electrical, and roof.

We also inspect non-residential commercial buildings such as office buildings, retail space buildings, and many other types below 20,000 square feet. We do not inspect manufacturing facilities.    

About Our Commercial Inspection Process

The commercial building inspection process that we employ has been developed over the last 18 years to meet our clients expectations as well as ensure that we are able to deliver what we say we can deliver.  This is our Commercial Inspection Agreement that we adhere to for our commercial clients.