Mold Testing

We visually look for mold during the home inspection but if you want to take it to the next level we can do a mold spore test.

A mold spore test is conducted by air sampling the lowest level area of the home, which is usually the basement since that is most likely to have some dampness. There is potential mold growth behind finished surfaces that we won’t be able to see (if present) during the inspection because we are conducting a non invasive visual inspection.

We then sample the outside air as a control sample. Both samples (and any other areas of the home or building you want tested) are then sent over night to the lab who analyzes the samples and performs a spore count by mold genus.

We then compare the inside sample(s) to the outside sample, and determines if the inside results are elevated or not. Elevated readings would then be recommended for further investigation and cost to remediate by a certified mold remediation company.

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