Inspections and Investigations For Landlords / Income Property Owners

For out of state out of country owners of rental properties in the Cleveland Ohio area, we offer an inspection service to assist landlords/owners/investors in validating costly property management or tenant repair requests.

Property managers typically respond to repair or “work order requests” from tenants by sending their in-house or sub contracted trades person to the property who then either makes the repair if its less than an approved dollar amount or gives a quote for repair back to the property manager who then submits the request for repair approval to the investor/owner.

This is all well and good, but what if the recommended repair costs thousands of dollars?  What if there is a sense of urgency such as a sewer back up, major plumbing leak, roof leak, or furnace break down?  What if the tenants are complaining about something that is considered a typical condition that should be expected in an older income property such as seasonal basement dampness or bouncy flooring?  

As an independent, private home inspection company in Cleveland Ohio, we can be your eyes and ears on the ground and report back to you our findings. We have two options for you to consider: 1.) we can perform a full home inspection to the State standard with report which can include adding other things such as verification of property management repairs, or 2.) we can perform a specific investigation for half the fee of a full inspection ($185) to check and report on specific issues that you are concerned with.  This would be done in order to verify that the property management company’s recommended course of action for the large ticket repair is appropriate and if it is give you 2 or 3 other local contractor contacts to reach out to for comparative quotes.  There also may be alternate solutions that are less expensive that you are not aware of unless you have a second set of eyes and ears on site like us and other trades people providing their recommended course of action and cost.  Unless you are in contract with a property management company that prohibits 3rd party contracting by the owner, hiring us to go on site and further investigate the merit of the repair request and proposed solution cost makes sense from an economic perspective.

We have an in-house list of contractors / trades people that we refer clients to that we know do good work based on our own experience as investors and land lords and are happy to share that with you if you desire to engage with us in this manner – we get no kickbacks from contractors we refer – never have and never will – but we do have contractors that are more responsive to our requests for action because of this.  We have done our own property management on our own Cleveland area income properties and we have also contracted it out to local property management companies – so we know how this works.  Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to discuss your unique situation.