Well Testing

Well Testing

We offer well flow rate and potability testing for a residential real estate transaction only as an additional service with a home inspection.

The well flow rate test is conducted to determine the ability of the well to supply water in sufficient quantity to meet a typical single family home’s needs.

Low flow rate, pressure, capacity, color change, etc., are observed/measured to determine if there is a potential problem with the well that needs to be investigated further for correction by a licensed well contractor or plumber. Replacing or improving a well can be expensive.

The Well Water Potability and Flow Rate Test does not determine if the well casing is cracked or any other component of the well is defective. The Well Water Potability test determines if Total Coloformand/or E Coli bacteria is present at the time of inspection.

A positive Total Coloform but negative E Coli result would require chlorination and then re-testing of the well which any plumber can do.

A positive Total Coloform and a positive E Coli result could indicate something more serious. going on with the well such as a cracked well casing so the proper protocol would be to have a well contractor investigate further and provide a cost estimate to correct as required.