What is a Home Inspection?

What is a Home Inspection? It is a documented general review by a qualified and state licensed inspector of the readily observable and accessible systems and components of a home that is under contract to determine if there are any unknown deficiencies that are present or may develop that could impact the safety of the […]

Radon Information

Radon Information Radon Information NE Ohio Radon Gas Information – Re-Printed From the Ohio EPA Web Site Found all over the U.S., radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas without color, odor, or taste that comes from the radioactive decay of uranium in soil, rock, and groundwater. Radon tends to concentrate in enclosed spaces like […]

How To Choose A Home Inspector

How To Choose A Home Inspector Not all home inspectors are created equal.  Of course they all should be licensed to do inspections in the state of Ohio. All inspectors ask you to sign a limited liability pre-inspection agreement before the inspection and provide you with a written inspection report after the inspection.  But this […]