Seller Paid VA WDI Inspections

If a Seller accepts an offer from a Buyer with VA financing, The VA requires the Seller to pay for a Termite/Pest Inspection which is actually a Wood Destroying Insect inspection (WDI) – it is not an inspection for mice, spiders, bats, rats, etc., but rather for the 4 WDI’s that are active in the […]

Should you get a sanitary sewer line camera inspection?

A big potential hidden cost when purchasing an older home is having to replace or repair sections of the underground sanitary sewer line. Homes built before 1970 normally have a clay tile sewer line (if it hasn’t been replaced) from the home to the street. These lines are laid end to end so tree roots […]

Higher Radon Test Level Factors

We are asked all the time what factors do we think drive higher radon levels in a home in NE Ohio – qualitatively and generally speaking we have observed the following factors tend to contribute to higher radon level readings from our testing experience: 1.) Geography – for whatever reason, all other factors being equal, […]

Licensed Home Inspectors In NE Ohio

In case you were wondering – there are 215 licensed home inspectors in North East Ohio as of today (10/12/2021). Last time I checked before the licensing law was in effect was in 2019 – and there were 250 home inspectors in NE OH based on ASHI and InterNACHI membership. Detailed Home Inspections has 6 […]

Inspector Licenses and Certifications Explained

Inspector Licenses and Certifications Explained The state of Ohio passed the home inspector licensing law in 2019. Here is the basic licensing requirement in the state of Ohio as of this writing: 1.) Pass the National Home Inspectors Examination (NHIE)2.) Attend 80 hours of pre-licensing home inspector technical training classes conducted by a state approved […]

What is a Home Inspection?

What is a Home Inspection? It is a documented general review by a qualified and state licensed inspector of the readily observable and accessible systems and components of a home that is under contract to determine if there are any unknown deficiencies that are present or may develop that could impact the safety of the […]

Radon Information

Radon Information Radon Information NE Ohio Radon Gas Information – Re-Printed From the Ohio EPA Web Site Found all over the U.S., radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas without color, odor, or taste that comes from the radioactive decay of uranium in soil, rock, and groundwater. Radon tends to concentrate in enclosed spaces like […]

How To Choose A Home Inspector

How To Choose A Home Inspector Not all home inspectors are created equal.  Of course they all should be licensed to do inspections in the state of Ohio. All inspectors ask you to sign a limited liability pre-inspection agreement before the inspection and provide you with a written inspection report after the inspection.  But this […]

How to Chlorinate a Well​

How to Chlorinate a Well You will need 2 gallons of Clorox bleach and a hose that reaches from an outside spigot to the well before you begin. Bypass the water softener and remove any cartridge filters prior to chlorinating Remove the well cap or the vent pipe or plug if the well is equipped […]