Yes – 5 of us are ASHI Certified Inspectors 

There are 8 of us so it depends upon the inspector.

As long as necessary to meet the ASHI and Ohio State inspection standard and answer all of your questions.  Typically 1.5-3 hrs.

Everything to the Ohio State standard:  go to to view the inspection standard.

Absolutely, we encourage it.

No problem, our report will be emailed to you the same day as the inspection once you have paid and signed the inspection agreement. You can call us to go over it if you have any questions.

An online HTML web based narrative style report with high resolution pictures that can also be downloaded as a PDF document with summary.

Yes!  There are many limitations and exclusions to an inspection – we are not a warranty or insurance company – see our Inspection Agreement document.

Yes – see our web page section regarding that.

We do not at this time conduct lead based paint testing for a real estate transaction or for a residential home suspected of having lead based paint.  

Yes, and we also accept check or cash if you will be present on site

Prices for a single family home in the average 1750 sq ft finished above grade living space usually runs between $300 and $400

Typically the buyer pays for the inspection – which is how it should be as the inspector should be acting in a fiduciary capacity for the buyer, not the seller, realtor, bank, or any other third party.

The most important items are roof condition, roof links, attic mold, basement dampenss, foundation and structure damage, elecrical safety issues, plumbing leaks, and proper heating and cooling operation.

Anyone can sue anyone for any reason – but the important thing is if that person or plantif has any chance of winning an amount in damages to cover their lawyers fees.  This is hard to do since most home inspectors have an inspection contract that includes many limitations and exclusions since the inspection is only a non-invasive visual inspection of the home.  In addition, many inspector contracts have a limited liability clause that limits inspector responsibility to the inspection fee.

Typically the Buyer and their Real Estate agent, if it is a buyer/occupier transaction otherwise if it is an investment property purchase and the buyer is out of state, then usually its just the inspector and the buyers or sellers agent, the seller, or the occupier of the home.

The roof, the elecrical system, the HVAC system, the plumbing system, and the foundation.

No fixes are mandatory after a home inspection – if the buyer wants something fixed and the seller refuses then the buyer can walk away from the deal and get their ernst money back.  But the seller must then disclose to the next buyer the results of the home inspection for the previous buyer.

Although anything can happen after a home inspection is performed, generally speaking the inspection results should be good for as long as the season in which the inspection was performed.