We are asked all the time what factors do we think drive higher radon levels in a home in NE Ohio – qualitatively and generally speaking we have observed the following factors tend to contribute to higher radon level readings from our testing experience:

1.) Geography – for whatever reason, all other factors being equal, these areas tend to test higher in Radon: Willoughby Hills, Avon Lake, Concord Township, Twinsburg, Highland Hts, Medina, and the near west side.

2.) Age of home – homes built before the energy crisis in the mid seventies are not insulated as well as newer, more “energy efficient” homes, so they breathe more and have higher indoor air turn over and tend to test lower in Radon.

3.) Foundation configuration – homes with basements tend to test higher than homes on a slab. Homes on a crawlspace with open, cross ventilating foundation vents will test the lowest.

4.) Vacant vs Occupied – all other factors being equal, vacant homes tend to test higher than occupied homes during the 48 hour real estate Radon test – presumably because fewer people are coming and going during the test period.