Under what conditions might it be in your best interest to hire a home inspector if you are not buying or listing a home on the market? Consider that not all but some percentage of contractors may want to sell you on a repair, replacement, or improvement you may not need since that is their primary business purpose. A home inspector on the other hand, has nothing to gain in telling you that your roof should be replaced vs repaired. Or your basement needs to be professionally water proofed versus just re-grading the ground around your foundation. Or that a black ant in your home is a carpenter ant and you should have your whole house treated for carpenter ants, or you have black mold in your basement and you need to have it professionally remediated. So this is not an absolute truth as there are no absolutes in this world, but generally, a roofer wants to sell you a new roof. A water proofer wants to sell you a water proofing system. A pest control company wants to treat your house. A mold remediation company wants to remediate anything that resembles mold. An asbestos removal contractor wants to remove asbestos. An electrician would love to replace all your electric service panels. Next time you are facing a large potential home expense, consult a home inspector and get an un-biased opinion and ideas for improvement – a neutral home inspector can be your personal confidant and help guide you between contractors and advise you on whether or not you need to spend all that money on something that may not be necessary. At the time of this writing we charge $185 for this service.