We love doing income or rental property inspections for local, out of state, or out of country investors. Income properties in the cleveland area are typically single family, duplexes, tri-plexes, and 4-plexes or quads that come under the residential real estate category defined by ASHI and the State of Ohio (which pretty much adopted the ASHI standard of practice for residential inspections). Above 4 units you cross into the category of commercial inspections, which we can handle as well. Income property inspections can be a pain for most single operator home inspector businesses because of the 24 hr notice requirement to tenants for inspections and the propensity of most property managers and land lords to want to wait until the tenant or tenants get back to them with available days and times vs just posting the 24 hr notice and meeting the inspector at the property with keys for entry. So what this means is that the single operator inspector has a difficult time holding inspection time slots for 24-48 hrs waiting on confirmation that may not ever happen while current buyer/occupiers are calling in to get scheduled. But since we are a multi inspector firm, we can give the property managers, sellers, listing agents, land lords, multiple time slots and 9 out of 10 times still have one or two of the time slots available when they get back to us a couple days later since we typically don’t run at 100% capacity.