On Line Pricing Estimator

  1. Choose Residential Home Inspection if the Buyer or family member will be living in the home.  
  2. Select any add on services you would like such as Radon, WDI, Sewer Cam, etc.  If there are outbuildings besides a detached garage (which is included in the residential home inspection) you want inspected such as a 2nd garage or barn, select the outbuilding add on inspection to include it.  Otherwise the outbuilding will not be included in the inspection.
  3. Here is a list of our add on inspections with links to further explanations of each:  Radon Testing,  Mold Spore Testing,  Lead Water Testing,   Termite/Pest/WDI,    Sewer Camera Inspection,    Well Testing  Septic Inspection (out sorced to a local septic company)
  4. Enter the address of the property.  This will change the initial price estimate shown below if the above grade finished square footage of the home is greater than 1000 sq ft.  The larger the home the, the more expensive the inspection.
  5. Select foundation type:  Slab, Crawl Space, or Basement – If a condo in a multi unit building select Slab.
  6. The square footage shown for your address is pulled from the internet. Confirm that this value is for above basement finished living space only – do not include un-finished basement square footage in the Square Ft section.  Do not include any finished basement square footage UNLESS the finished basement is a walk out basement.
  7. Enter the Approximate Age of the home (this does not have to be accurate and has no effect on the price).
  8. You will be given the price of the inspection(s) and an option to schedule it, but not an option to pick which inspector you want.  You will have to go through the On Line Scheduler (Scheduling button above) to choose a specific Inspector, otherwise a licensed, certified Inspector will be chosen for you.
  1. If the Buyer is an investor and will be renting to tenants, choose INV-SF HI for Single Family, INV-DX HI for a Duplex, TX for a Triplex, and 4U for a Four-Plex.  Text us for pricing above 4 units at 440 724 3198.  If you are unsure of time slots due to tenant availability, text us for multiple time slots to present to the Seller.
  2. If you would like the add on Camera Inspection of the Sanitary Sewer line, you can select that option.too.
  3. You can schedule the Inspection at this point and we will assign the inspector, or you can go to the On Line Scheduler and pick your inspector, day, and time.
  4. If you want to schedule but are un-sure of timing due to tenants, you can text or email us to get multiple days and times to provide to the Seller/Tenants so they can confirm back or you can just text or email us with the Listing contact and we can do that for you.