Online Instant Pricing And Scheduling

In the past we were focused on answering our phone 9 out of 10 times every time it rang in order to 1.) not miss an opportunity to schedule a home inspection with a new client and 2.) to be available to our clients and referal sources (mostly Realtors) with the aim of providing excellent customer service via quick response and availability. As we have grown and evolved, we have moved away from this model because 1.) we get a lot of phone calls – sometimes more than 20 / day and 2.) answering the phone to price and schedule an inspection is inefficient and costly. We would rather defer that expense in the form of revenue to our Inspectors (instead of hiring an admin person or sub contracting this task to a professional answering service. Of course we are still available the same day to talk with clients and Realtors who have situations that need to be discussed over the phone, but we prefer to conduct the bulk of our communications via texting. Our instant on-line pricing calculator and scheduler found at the top of our web site has vastly cut down on incoming inquiries which mostly consist of questions regarding how much and when we can schedule. If a client has trouble with using our online pricing and scheduling system, they can still reach out to us via phone – which will go straight to voice mail but will be responded to the same day, or they can reach out to us via text, which is preferred, for a much faster response. We feel that our instant on-line and scheduling system, which is commercially available to all home inspectors by the way, is superior to the form submission process that is used on many home inspector websites because it is instant and doesn’t have a time lag in getting a response for pricing, availability and ultimately scheduling.