A Pre-Listing Inspection is a home inspection performed for a Seller by a home inspector prior to the Seller listing the home for sale. Question: Why would a Seller want to pay for a home inspection? Answer: to avoid having to re-negotiate their purchase price with a Buyer after a Buyer’s home inspection. If the pre-listing home inspector is thorough, then it is un-likely that the Buyer’s inspector will come behind them and identify significant or costly items that the pre-listing or Seller’s inspector missed. After having a pre-listing homne inspection, the Seller can choose to fix all, some, or none of the items identified in the pre-listing inspection report while disclosing all items that were not fixed so as to discourage the Buyer from hiring their own inspector or at least being able to claim that any concessions requested by the Buyer from their own Inspector’s report be rejected on the grounds that said concession has already been disclosed. Furthermore, the fact that the pre-listing home inspection was performed by a long standing, reputable home inspection company such as Detailed Home Inspections Cleveland Ohio, can go a long ways towards encouraging a Buyer to waive their own inspection, thus reducing the Seller’s risk of a costly re-negotiation.